Commune with Nature! Experience a glamorous night in the wild with Zoobic Glampz, a complete accommodation experience inside the forest of Zoobic Safari.


Spend the night in our animal-themed rooms like tiger, zebra or peacock together with our real friendly and adorable small animals.


GlampZ by Zoomanity Group are 40 ft. container vans converted to accommodations to offer our valued guests all the comfort but unique experience of glamorous camping in the wild.






                                         4PAX                      2PAX (with KAWA)                 2PAX (with POOL)



Monday - Sunday -     ₱7,990                            ₱4,990                                ₱5,990



Extra person -        ₱1,500 / pax                    ₱1,500 / pax                        ₱2,000 / pax




Rate inclusions:

- Overnight Accommodation to Zoobic Glampz

- Breakfast and Dinner

- Zoobic Safari Day Tour

- Night Safari (if it falls on Saturday and Holidays and if there is a schedule Night Show)

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