04 Mar

Manila Bulletin | Free agri education program to benefit students, farmers

‘POWER OF THREE’ LAUNCH – Jumpstarting the ‘Power of Three’ agri education program is the ribbon-cutting which was spearheaded by Tarlac College of Agriculture President Max Guillermo (left) and Zoomanity President and CEO Robert Yupangco. (Julio P. Yap Jr.)

‘POWER OF THREE’ LAUNCH – Jumpstarting the ‘Power of Three’ agri education program is the ribbon-cutting which was spearheaded by Tarlac College of Agriculture President Max Guillermo (left) and Zoomanity President and CEO Robert Yupangco. (Julio P. Yap Jr.)

Mendez, Cavite — The Paradizoo has launched a free agricultural education program for those who are interested through its “Power of Three” – floral, vegetable, and agri-livestock festival.

Paradizoo, a part of the Zoomanity Group parks, aims to promote an inclusive growth in the field of agriculture by offering the free education program, which started last January and will continue up to March.

Some 20,000 students, farmers, and members of the public and private sectors are expected to benefit from the program which focuses on the growing agricultural sector in the country.

Jumpstarting the program are free seminars on flower, vegetable, and livestock care which were provided by different well-known educators and speakers of the agricultural sector, which included Senator and Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food Cynthia Villar, and Mendez (Cavite) Mayor Eric Vida.

Among the topics discussed included Alternative and Preventive Medicine, and tomato grafting production, among other things.

To share knowledge about the Best Practices in Agriculture, there will be briefings, discussions on breeding programs, and exhibit of farm produce, sale, and auction of livestock.

While training on Rabbit Breeding, Egg Production, and Honeybee Farming will be open for everyone this coming March.

In line with the promotion of the agri-education program, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between Robert Yupangco of Zoomanity Group and Tarlac College of Agriculture President Max Guillermo for the conduct of project development and agri-tourism ventures with provisions of scholarship for the Tarlac College of Agriculture students.

To celebrate the Power of Three Festival in this Year of the Fire Monkey, the participantswill also have the chance to watch the performance of the Paradizoo Show Department – featuring Fire Monkey Dance and MoiMoi, the talented basketball player monkey. (Julio P. Yap Jr.)

Source: Manila Bulletin (mb.com.ph)

29 Feb

ZOOBIC NIGHT SAFARI 2016: Summer Nights Just Go Wild

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“Summer Nights Just Go Wild”


Stay awake, hear your heartbeat pounding, blood in your veins rushing as the rising excitement heightened in the night’s summer breeze. Zoobic Safari brings back the much awaited “Night Safari”, packed with more thrill and excitement. Discover your braver side and tour around this exotic sanctuary at night, the first of its kind in the Philippines, all Saturdays from March 19 to June 4, 2016. Read More

02 Feb



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Promotes FREE Agri-Education

Mendez, Cavite– Paradizoo, one of Zoomanity Group parks, re-unfolds Power of Three (floral, vegetable and agri-livestock festival), from January to March 2016. This event aims to promote inclusive growth in the field of Agriculture, inviting over 20,000 students, farmers and other public and private sectors to focus and understand the benefits of growing agricultural sector in our country.

For three months, Paradizoo offers Free Agriculture Education to all. Free seminar on flower, vegetable and livestock care will be given by different well-known educators and speakers of Agriculture sector, including Senator Cynthia Villar and Mendez, Cavite Mayor Eric Vida on Feb 6. They will discuss about Knowledge of Alternative & Preventive Medicine and Tomato Grafting Production. 
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11 Jan


Author: Carlo Dinglasan
Credits to: www.wheninmanila.com

It was a hot 35ºC summer day; the sun was at its peak and angrily kissing my skin; the car aircon was on max but wasn’t really doing nothing; and the Makati traffic was taunting me; but my mind never faltered for I knew what I’d be seeing by the end of the day: Tigers!


And sure enough, 4 hours and 138 kilometres later, we finally arrived at the Subic Safari, excited to see what The Zoomanity Group had in store for us.


Safety first and an orientation with the guest is always in order.
We arrived just as the sun was going down. Before the actual Subic tour, we were first oriented about the night’s itinerary and reminded to always follow the instructions. After all, we were going to deal with wild animals and getting lost there at night wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for anyone… unless you are Bear Grylls. Always follow your group and your guide.
Souvenirs that can get the attention of the inner kid in you.
During the orientation, I roamed around a bit to get a better idea about the Subic Safari and what we might be doing that night. I then stumbled upon the souvenir shop. I was actually expecting very expensive plush toys and souvenirs but was surprised that they were fairly-priced and affordable. So, I took a mental note to go back and get one later if something piqued my interest.
Just beside the main hall was a pen where you can have your picture taken for a fee while holding and feeding a tiger cub. After being mesmerized by the playful cub, it reminded me that they are somewhat still like domesticated cats in the way that they act and play… except, this is just a 3-month-old cub. Still, it was already bigger than your regular house cat, so it was clear that it will still grow up to be a 400-pound predator at some point.
Once the orientation was finished, we were divided into groups. Our first stop was the Bird Walk.
What? No birds? As much as I wanted to take photos of those beautiful birds, I couldn’t because they were too far away and it was too dark for my camera to handle. So, here are some Oriental small-clawed otters instead, which can be found in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Laos, Bangladesh, Burma and India. Not as colorful but downright cute – that’s for sure!
A cool and chillin’ camel.
It was fun and interesting to see so many animals not usually seen at a local zoo at the Subic safari. Granted, the last time I went to a zoo was more than 20 years ago, but there were no camels then. It was cool that the camel was just chill and allowed us to pet him/her and also was not bothered by the photo opportunity, either.
After a quick tour of the Bird Walk and the mini-zoo, we were ushered towards the Serpentarium which is one of the many attractions that can be found at this Subic safari.
Inside the Sepentarium was a collection of snakes from pythons and constrictors to poisonous cobras. You could also find some lizards, iguanas and some turtles, too.
08 May


Author: John Mark Calderon

Are you up for a fun and challenging experience this weekend? If yes, you might want to try the four (4) wheel drive adventure at Zoocobia located in Clark, Pampanga.  It’s a new activity, I’m sure you and your family will enjoy! It is certainly a ride that will tour through the native and towering, country-hill forest in North of Manila. This experience will surely open your eyes to the beauty of nature in incredible high-country landscapes. And this is a day trip in the jungle right through the real driving course adventure!
Gear up and be ready to take off!
Zoocobia is much more than a zoological garden. They endeavor to give their guests an educational and ecological adventure. It is actually my second time to visit the place and never once it failed to amaze me. I am always an animal lover so it is very endearing for me to see a place where variety of animals is being taken care of. Other than that, they also conserve native plant species to provide habitat for wildlife. For me, Zoocobia provides a ‘Green Life’ experience. Amazing!
This second half of the year Zoocobia opens a new activity perfect for all outdoor extravagant. It’s the 4-wheel drive adventure or known as the ‘4 by 4’. What is it? 4WD is an off-road vehicle that all four wheels receive power from the engine simultaneously. Thus, it provides better control than normal road cars on many surfaces because it is easier to maintain traction in an uneven landscape or slippery roads. It is a challenging and a heart-stopping adventure but Zoocobia will make sure that this activity is safe for all ages. In fact during our tour, a 17-year old girl drove one of the vehicles and she is so cool!
Taking on a high-country terrain is a test of all drivers’ capabilities. During the tour, even the professionals find it very challenging to climb in a slope surface specially when it is raining and the wheels get stuck in mud. I and friends experienced it when we tried the 4WD adventure with a pro-driver. It was bumpy and shaky inside the vehicle so we need to grasp a strong grip on the handles but that was also the fun part of the experience – it felt like we were on a roller coaster!
Besides 4WD, they also have mini sport ATVs which is also fun to try. Other attractions also include Zooc ride, the Maze, the Zoocology Museum, the Giant slides, The Barn and Birds of Paradise. Certainly, Zoocobia will make you enjoy nature in a zooper different way!
4WD is an off-road vehicle that all four wheels receive power from the engine simultaneously.